Since August 1994 a monthly mouth piece of DGCD Unit in the form of a newsletter used to be published covering varied information about CD, HG & Fire Service and significant and important activities done by the States/UTs in these sphere. Latest development of Science and technology, details of calamities that happened during the month, details of Tours, Seminars, Conference, Workshop, etc. From January 2003, it has been decided to change the frequency of the Newsletter to Annual.

In addition, this Directorate had also published many books pamphlets, publicity material from time to time as per following details:-


  • Civil Defence Legislation (1970/2000)
  • Compendium of Instructions:- Civil Defence (1993)
  • Master Plan of Civil Defence (1995)
  • C. D. Hand Book No. 1 :- General Principal of Civil Defence (1996)
  • C. D. Hand Book No. 2 :- Communication Procedure on Line & Radio (1984)
  • C. D. Hand Book No. 3 :- Manual on Rescue Technique (1995)
  • C. D. Hand Book No. 4:- Manual on Bomb Reconnaissance (1996)
  • Civil Defence for House Holders (1998-99)
  • Civil Defence:- Some basic information (1990-91)
  • You and Civil Defence (1990-91)
  • Civil Defence in Nuclear War (1986)