For HRD in Fire Service in India, National Fire Service College, a subordinate training establishment of the Ministry was initially established at Rampur in U. P. in 1955 and subsequently transferred to old Settlement Commissioner's Office, Civil Lines, Nagpur in 1956.

The college conducts various certificate, diploma and advance diploma courses approved by AICTE for career development of fire professionals. Since 1978, the college is also conducting a 3 years post graduate B. E. (Fire Engg.) Course under the aegis of Nagpur University. The following are the details of the courses conducted at NFSC:-

  i) Sub-Officer's Course Certificate
  ii) Station Officers Course Diploma
  iii) Divisional Officer Course Advance Diploma
  iv) BE (Fire Course) Graduate Degree
  v) Special Courses for personnel from Industries  
  vi) Fire Prevention Course  
  vii) Breathing Apparatus Course  
  viii) Fire Fighting Orientation Course  

The input capacity of the college is limited. Because of rapid urbanisation and industrialisation, the demand for trained/qualified fire personnel had increased manifold. It has been now decided to conduct Sub-Officers course in 8 State Fire Training Institutes under the direct supervision and quality control of NFSC. Two such open campus courses have already been completed in Chennai in 1997. CISF Fire Training Centre, Deoli, Rajasthan had already completed 4 such external Sub-Officers course upto 31st December 1999. During 2000, CISF Fire Training Centre had projected two such external Sub-Officer Course, one of which is operating since January, 2000.

Recently, the Ministry of Forests and Environments had identified NFSC, Nagpur as nodal training establishment in India for chemical disaster. Office of Federal Disaster Agency (OFDA) of USA in collaboration with USAID and Asian Disaster Prevention Centre (ADPC), Bankok, Thailand had identified NFSC, Nagpur as nodal training centre for higher training in India for Search & Rescue (SAR) and Medical First Response (MFR) Courses.

For the proper expansion of the college, two pieces of land measuring 43.35 acre and 14.61 acre had been procured in 1977 and 1979 respectively. The Ministry constituted an Expert Committee to prepare developmental scheme for the college, which had been finalised and submitted by the committee to the Government during 1997.

During 2001, NFSC conducted 18 courses including two external Sub-Officer's Courses apart from BE (Fire Engg.) 1st, 2nd, and 3rd year courses, imparting training to 255 trainee officers. During 2002, the college projected 18 courses apart from BE (Fire Engg.) 1st, 2nd, and 3rd year courses which are of an on going nature. Since inception in 1956 upto 31st March 2000, NFSC has so far trained 12,443 Fire Officers including 71 trainees from 12 foreign countries.